Why Siquis


Since its inception, 7 years back, Siquis has always maintained the spirit of creativity and excellence and has promoted customer satisfaction above all else. Siquis Advertising puts the quality in the products we create and the service we offer at the top of priorities. But alongside those essential characteristics that we strive toward is an equal concern for how we impact the environment while achieving those goals.


A team of committed production personnel, marketing professionals and quality inspectors bring to every project in-depth experience, superior customer service and an unmatched efficacy. Siquis Advertising is not one of those other companies that thinks the only way to make a profit on printing is doing it the same way other companies in the industry have been doing it for years.

Dedicated Customer Support:

Our expertise dedicated customer support team will handle every project effectively. With each year, the firm has earned the support of its patrons by promising & delivering results that have exceeded the highest of expectations.  We look outside the box and really put a lot of thought into how we can make good prints, keep customers happy but at the same time treat the earth with the same respect we offer up to the people we print for.

One Stop Solution

With offset printing as our core, we use the latest machinery available, including various 4 and 5 colour KBA and Heidelberg automatic presses with online coating. We also offer a range of post press techniques like holographic lamination, 3D effects, various UV coatings, 3d embossing micro foiling and screen-printing to enhance the regular. Widely acclaimed both nationally and internationally, Siquis is considered one of the top printers of India today, and is geared to handle all your printing requirements.

New Technology:

Siquis is a trusted and renowned printing solution provider, committed to providing impressive services in line with the latest technological trends. Through the years of constant change in the media, market demand, and drastic changes in technology, Siquis was able to adapt and grow with the changing environment, into one of the most trusted names in the printing industry here in the India.

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