Company Overview

It is delivery that makes Our Customer succes


At Siquis Advertising, our business is to help you effectively market your business or organization with large printed graphics and displays.
Our top priority is to deliver quality customer care.  We help our clients understand how large graphics and displays enhance their brand image and market more effectively.
We know that ROI is important and work with you considering your entire marketing efforts.  We strive to help you get the best service.

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About Siquis Team

Commitment to excellence

Excellence is an excellent word and excellent companies strive for achieving it.

Hiring quality staff

Improved quality can be achieved by using vendors with more expertise and more specialized

High voltage throughout

In other words, the use of high voltages is what makes energy transmission practical.

Competent planning

Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Culturally Competent Service Delivery

Strong leadership

Having a great idea, and assembling a team to bring that concept to life is the first step in creating a successful business venture.

Industry Leadership

Siquis is the industry leader with a 30% market share, it is expected to grow 35% a year.

Ability to deliver high volumes

With our Highly experienced, young and energetic team enables to deliver high Volumes


Quick Adaptions and integration of the customer need is so easy at our team

One Stop Solution

Siquis is one stop solution for all your marketing campaign, from the beginning to the end product